COVID19 Patient Precautions

Advice regarding your care at Brisbane Diabetes Endocrinology with COVID-19 precautions:

People with diabetes and/or chronic medical conditions will need to adhere to government guidelines for reducing their risk of the COVID-19 illness and the forthcoming influenza season as per (

People with diabetes will need to ensure that their diabetes is as well-controlled as possible to reduce the risk of infection and to help recovery from infection.

People with a chronic medical condition e.g. on steroid medication for pituitary insufficiency or adrenal insufficiency if unwell with any respiratory/infective illness, will need to follow the “Guidelines for adrenal replacement and sick day management” that the endocrinologist has provided. Please consult with your endocrinologist to explain this if needed.

Please continue routine follow-up to optimise your health with diabetes and any other coexistent conditions especially hypertension and heart disease.

Please contact our office to discuss the options for Telehealth consultations if you need further advice and/or you are unable to present for an appointment (Medicare has provided temporary item numbers for Telehealth consultations during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic).

If you suspect you may have COVID-19 illness please go directly to a “fever clinic” as recommended by government guidelines

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